Washable Nylon mesh air pre filter Chiller dust collecter

Washable Nylon mesh air pre filter Chiller dust collecter

Model No.︰H,C

Brand Name︰New Filter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Pre Filters

This filter is designed to capture large airborne particles that flow through the air. For example, particles such as dust, lint, hair ,pollen and mold spores are present in the air.

keep the main filter more efficient for trapping smaller, more harmful particles and also keep the filter lasting longer and the unit running more smoothly.

Filter media material

Nylon,Polypropylene,Polyester,Stainless Steel wire mesh.


1)Easy to clean(Washable)

2)Last up to several years

3)Can be used in various applications

4)Great as pre filters

5)Customized in various sizes

6)Low price


Used in air systems, indoor air conditioners, range hood fans, roof units, exhaust units, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, air-cooled chillers, machine tools, etc.

Standards Certificate︰ Rohs

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